CreativiTEA – wake up the wonder is a national award winning initiative that delivers series of creative literacy/wellbeing workshops and events to wide and diverse groups in the community, including children and young people. Participants are inspired to create work- including original songs, edible poetry, art as a tarts and poetic objets d’art -which are showcased at a CreativiTEA Party hosted for guests such as friends and family, colleagues, community groups or older, isolated people in the community. Those taking part are also able to engage in simple yet innovative, creative activities whilst sharing their stories over a cup of CreativiTEA. They are amazed at how after just one sip their creativity blossoms! 

‘Let this moment/open out like a flower/breathe in its perfume/ Ah..

The project was initially inspired by a CreativiTEA cultural exchange in Japan and its wake up the wonder concept explores the notion of celebration and experiencing ‘flow’ through creativity – of being in the now. Parties, workshops and events have been held in venues such as a train carriage, a beach, museums and galleries and been delivered both locally for schools, festivals and communities locally  as well as for larger corporations globally such as at the Spotify HQ, Sweden and the Matisse Museum France:

“CreativiTEA was a fantastic experience for us, you brought light and joy, not only to the  visitors but also to the whole team of the museum … Thank you!”  Emmanuelle Macarez, Director of Education and Learning, Matisse Museum.